Welcome to Rancho Nipomo DANA Adobe


The mission of the Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos is to restore and preserve the historic Dana Adobe and promote development of the Rancho Nipomo Heritage Park as a means of enhancing knowledge and understanding of California’s Rancho era, to encourage an appreciation of the many peoples who contributed to that era’s influence on the present and future of California, and to demonstrate the interdependent nature of the site’s ecosystems and human economies over time.


New Event

DANA Accepting Master Plan Design Proposals

The Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos is accepting Proposals for a final Master Plan design. It’s time to bring the conceptual design into reality. Contact Aaron Regez at aaron@danaadobe.org for more information. Thank you.  The RFP and associated documents can be accessed from the following link – https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-k24noq4zubakpQVEQyTlczMUk&usp=sharing

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Nov. 1 – Dia De Los Muertos


November 1, 2014—Saturday, 1:00 pm Every year millions of Mexicans, Central Americans and devoted followers celebrate el Día de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). The Mexican holiday celebration focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray sing and reminisce in remembrance of friends and family members who have passed on. Traditional customs of the holiday include building private altars or “ofrendas” honoring the deceased using: sugar skulls,

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Open Saturdays & Sundays


Rancho Nipomo Heritage Park is open Saturdays and Sundays 1 pm – 4 pm and by appointment. Call (805)929-5679 for more information.

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